About Us

PT Indonesia Farma Medis is a medical device and pharmaceutical distribution company with a large network of relationships and distribution channels  that includes hospitals, pharmacies and clinics across the main islands of Indonesia.

PIFM provides supply chain solutions for distributing medical products and helps companies seeking market entry navigate the complexities of the Indonesian market.

Our Mission

To accelerate the Indonesian healthcare industry by providing access for global pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Our company was founded on the basis that global access into Indonesia for medical products, including medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs and supplements, was plagued by supply chain issues along with registration and development constraints. We have been working towards the betterment of the industry, connecting Indonesia with global brands, navigating through this complex environment. 

Indonesia is made up of 17508 different islands and supply chain issues sadly plague our beloved country which is why supply chain management is one of our core business verticals. We aim to be a full scale solution from product development Рassisting with our local partners, a pathway to product registration for most medical products, to supply chain management, enabling access to Indonesia 270 Million residents. 

Our Values

Indonesia Focused

Providing access to both global companies for industry and to Indonesians for medical products.

Product Focused

We care about the products that we work on and believe in the partners we choose to invest our time in.

Driven by Logistical Expertise

Navigating through the unique landscape of the country with precision.

Business Verticals

Distribution across Indonesia


Our specialised distribution network enables us to distribute both privately but also towards governments and B2G contracts. More recently during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been working to provide solutions that will aid in the fight back to normalcy.

Pharmacies, Clinics & Hospitals

The company has an extensive network of major corporations and down to the everyday local pharmacies. We distribute widely and across the entire archipelago.